Carmody caught with clothes on

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, November 2005:

CAREW–Animal Rights Action Network campaigns coordinator
John Carmody, 23, may be the most often exposed activist in
Ireland, but ANIMAL PEOPLE publisher Kim Bartlett did manage to
photograph him–twice–with all his clothes on.
A more typical portrayal would show Carmody hunched over his
laptop computer wherever he can connect, e-mailing the
effervescently upbeat ARAN newsletter around the world, coordinating
countless events and demonstrations on behalf of half a dozen
international advocacy groups, and answering his cell telephone
every five minutes.
Effectively a fulltime animal rights activist since age 16,
Carmody takes clerical and sales jobs when he must to make ends meet.
The laptop is ARAN’s only “office,” other than Carmody’s bedroom,
at his parents’ home in Carew, a Limerick suburb where goats and
horses graze in green strips, and where, he insists, some
neighbors at times drag horses indoors.

A work ethic, frugality, and emotional intensity that has
Carmody frequently bursting into tears in response to either animal
or human suffering better characterize him than occasional nude
Yet the photos most often posted on web sites, tending to be
best remembered, show Carmody leading nude demos against the fur
trade and Australian live sheep exports, and as a two-time
participant in the PETA-sponsored “Running of the Nudes” protest
against bullfighting in Pamplona, Spain.
“ARAN continues to grow on a monthly basis,” Carmody
proclaims. “We are now working with more activists, more members of
the public, more groups here in Ireland, the United Kingdom, and
around the world, along with maintaining the strong presence we
continue to hold in the media. What is so encouraging,” Carmody
continues, “is that people are becoming more aware of cruelty to
animals, and if they have the free time, they are wanting to do
anything they possibly can to stand up against the industries that
continue to exploit animals.
“We are making progress here in Ireland,” Carmody insists,
“and thanks to everyone who continues to help our work for animals,
along with other groups across the country and around the world that
are working just as hard to fight animal abuse, we are a family and
we need to stay strong and committed to each other in order to win
for the animals we all so dearly love.”

[Contact ARAN c/o P.O. Box 722, Kildare, Ireland; telephone
353-87-62-75579; e-mail <>.]
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