Anti-chaining & feral cat ordinances

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, November 2005:

The cities of Burnaby and Vancouver, British Columbia,
Canada, in October and November 2005 adopted anti-chaining
ordinances that Animal Advocates of B.C. founder Judy Stone believes
are “the best in North America.” Animal Advocates of B.C. began
promoting anti-chaining ordinances through advertising in ANIMAL
PEOPLE about seven months before Tammy Grimes formed the U.S.-based
anti-chaining organization Dogs Deserve Better, and 20 months before
Connecticut passed an anti-chaining law sought since 1986 by National
Institute for Animal Advocacy founder Julie Lewin. The Animal
Advocates, Dogs Deserve Better, and NIAA campaigns have now won
banning or restricting chaining in almost as many cities as children
have been killed by chained dogs (58) since Grimes began counting in

The Indianapolis city council on October 10 voted 26-1 to
make a neuter/return program run by the local organization IndyFeral
a part of the official city animal control policy. “Indy-Feral
charges colony caregivers $20 per cat for their service, compared to
approximately $120 per cat trapped and killed by Indianapolis Animal
Care and Control,” noted Nuvo Magazine writer Mary Lee Pappas.

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