Letters [Oct 2003]

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, October 2005:

Dave Garcia

I just read your tribute to the work done by Dave Garcia and
cried (again) at the possible loss of this man who was an inspiration
in his dedication to stopping animal suffering. He was an
outstanding teacher, with years of experience in
humane investigation, that must not be lost.
There is not one of us who has not made errors in youth that
we wish we could correct. Dave Garcia chose to make his reparation
to society through the thousands of helpless, voiceless victims he
saved and the prosecutions he won for them.
I have implored Dave to continue to be available to share
his lifetime of knowledge with those who must carry on this effort,
especially against illegal animal fighting, through allowing me to
make an instructional film to preserve his knowledge and experience
so that it will never be lost.
I hope he will read what you wrote and realize that he is
still an important friend and ally to many of us-both two and

–Phyllis Daugherty, Director
Animal Issues Movement
420 N. Bonnie Brae Street
Los Angeles, CA 90026


Anna’s Law

Thanks so much for mentioning Anna’s Law in Illinos. If the
$3.00 surcharge on rabies vaccinations that we sought had passed,
the law would have generated $4 million for subsidized sterilization
and vaccination. Due to opposition to the surcharge from the
Illinois State Veterinary Medical Association, we compromised. Now
a $10 mandatory differential licensing fee will go to spay/neuter,
augmented by public safety fines for dogs running at large,
dangerous dogs, vicious dogs, & biting animals. We now anticipate
raising $2.5 million.

–Ledy VanKavage, Esq.
Senior Director of
Legal Training & Legislation
National Outreach
American SPCA
P.O. Box 313
Maryville, IL 62062
Phone: 618-345-8086
Fax: 618-345-6542


Singapore Zoo

Thanks for attracting world attention to the white tigers and
green polar bears at the Singapore Zoo in the July/August edition of
Animal people.

–Anil Bisht
RV Mediaworld, Education
10 Ubi Crescent #05-76
Ubi Techpark (Lobby D)
Singapore 408564
Phone: 65-6749-6719



Thanks for the nice plug on PetSmart Adoption Centers in your
“Who Invented No Kill?” article. We’re always hoping that more
agencies will take advantage of the space we offer in PetSmart stores
and the available access to lots of predisposed pet parents.

–Susana M. Della Maddalena
Vice President, Executive Director
PetSmart Charities
19601 N. 27th Avenue
Phoenix, Arizona 85027
Phone: 623-587-2055
Fax: 623-580-6561

Bali bombings

Once again I am writing to my colleagues to notify them about
the (most recent) bombing in Bali. The casualties and damage are far
less than in 2002 and everyone in Yudisthira and our families are
Unfortunately the Yudisthira (Bali Street Dogs) team could
not get near the bombed areas, and any meaningful assessment of the
animal situation was thwarted. There were reports that a couple of
dogs were killed on the Jimbaran beach, which would make sense, as
that is a popular dumping ground for puppies, as well as
food-finding territory for street dogs.
For Yudisthira, like other businesss, this will be an
economic disaster. Veterinarians still feel the loss of business and
income from 2002 and local donations completely dried up for the Bali
Street Dogs. I fear that again the state of Bali dogs will reflect
the the Bali economy.

–Sherry Grant
Foundation, c/o
JI. Duyung Gang 1 #9
Sanur, Bali 80228
Phone: 62 -0-361-286226
Fax: 62 -0-361 -282105

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