From ANIMAL PEOPLE, September 2005:

Beatrice “Betty” Eilers, 92, died recently in Mesa,
Arizona. Eilers was for most of her life associated with Animals’
Crusaders, a global advocacy network founded in Spokane in 1950 by
L. Constance M. Barton, with affiliates in New Zealand, Scotland,
and Canada. The network concept failed due to the cost and
difficulty of maintaining communications with pre-Internet
technology, but at least two regional groups descended from Animals’
Crusaders still exist. “Legally blind and handicapped, B.B. Eilers
was still active on behalf of animals,” recalled Lynn Fox, who
transcribed Eilers’ correspondence, including letters published in
several recent editions of ANIMAL PEOPLE.

Elizabeth Blitch, 55, attorney and ex-Catholic school
teacher, recalled by the New Orleans Times-Picayune as “an avid
fundraiser for the Humane Society of Louisiana,” died on July 28,
2005 in New Orleans.

Iris Kay Call, 42, of Pewee Valley, Kentucky, was killed
in an August 1, 2005 housefire after re-entering her blazing home to
find her cat. The cat was also killed.

Eileen Dodman, of Grosse Pointe, Michigan, died on July
27, 2005, after a long struggle with emphysema. “She was largely
responsible for the cessation of the sale of pound animals to labs in
Macomb County back in the 1980s,” wrote Michigan Humane Society and
HEAL Pac lobbyist Eileen Liska.

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