Animal obituaries

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, September 2005:

Ginny, 17, a schnauzer/husky mix adopted in 1990 by former
steamfitter Philip Gonzalez, of Long Beach, New York, died on
August 25. Ginny led Gonzalez to the first of more than 800 cats
that she insisted he should rescue on their third day together. Her
determination to find and assist cats in distress compelled Gonzalez
to become a fulltime cat rescuer/caretaker, and brought him out of a
prolonged depression that followed a workplace accident. Gonzalez
and Leonore Fleischer chronicled Ginny’s exploits in a 1995
best-seller, The Dog Who Rescues Cats, and produced a sequel, The
Blessing of the Animals, in 1996. Gonzalez, 55, still feeds 320
feral cats in 19 colonies that Ginny found, and keeps 17 of her
rescues at home, along with two other dogs.

Meimei, 36, believed to have been the oldest living panda
bear, died on July 12 at the Guilin City Zoo in southern China.
Coco, 9, a harbor seal rescued from a Maine Beach in 1996,
kept at the Woods Hole Science Aquarium on Cape Cod since 1998, died
on July 30 after an inner ear infection spread to her brain.

Arnold the Pig, 6, died in June 2005 from apparent heart
failure. Kept as a pet since 1999 by Becky Moyer of Minneap-olis,
who received him as a birthday gift, in September 2001 Arnold fought
off two men who tried to rob Moyer at gunpoint.

Mexican Wolf F-511, age 9, released into the wild in 1998
but recently recaptured, died in late July 2005 of apparent heat
exhaustion while hiding from vaccination at a holding facility in
Sevillita, New Mexico.

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