Welfare experts quit KFC posts

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, May 2005:

Animal welfare consultants Temple Grandin of Colorado State
University and Ian Duncan of the University of Guelph, Ontario,
Canada, resigned from positions as advisors to the KFC fast food
chain during the first week of May 2005, after the parent firm, Yum
Brands, asked them to sign a confidentiality agreement that would
have required them to refer all media inquiries to the KFC corporate
headquarters. “I resigned because there is a document that I can’t
sign,” Grandin told Nichola Groom of Reuters. “I feel very strongly
that I [should be able to] talk freely to the press.” Grandin has
also advised McDonald’s, Wendy’s International, and Burger King
about animal welfare matters, but told Groom that none of them ever
asked her to sign an agreement to not speak to the press. Added
Duncan, “The way that I read it, it wouldn’t allow me to talk in
general terms about animal welfare. If someone phoned and said ‘You
are on the KFC animal welfare committee,’ I was bound to say ‘No
comment.”‘ KFC spokesperson Bonnie Warschauer said the company would
try to work out a new confidentiality agreement with Grandin and
Duncan, who have each advised KFC for about three years.

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