Fish boycott to save seals

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, May 2005:

NEW YORK CITY–Legal Seafoods, a 31-restaurant chain with
anchor franchises in New York City and Boston, on May 9 joined
Tavern-on-the-Green in Central Park and the 168-store Whole Foods
Market chain in endorsing a boycott of Atlantic Canada seafood called
by the Humane Society of the U.S. in protest against the Atlantic
Canadian seal hunt (see page 7).
The boycott targets snow crabs, lobsters. shrimp, mussels,
and ground fish.
The Legal Seafoods announcement coincided with the arrival in
New York City of Canadian ambassador Frank McKenna, who was to make
several prominent appearances.
While HSUS is promoting the boycott through a media strategy,
Anthony Marr of Vancouver, British Columbia, on May 13 set out on a
90-day “Terminate the Seal Hunt Campaign Tour” of the western U.S.
and Canada. Pushing the boycott through personal persuasion and
petitioning, Marr said he had 35 speaking engagements already
booked, with about 20 more still being finalized.
“Carmen Crosland, age 14, president of Youth Against Animal
Abuse, will display a web page at <> of all the
seafood merchants” who join the boycott, Mar said. Mar will also
post the list at his own campaign web site, <>,
and welcomes pledges and inquiries about his itinerary at either
<> or 604-222-1169.

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