Murder on the animal control beat

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, April 2005:

Dennis L. Rader, 59, longtime code enforcement and animal
control officer for Park City, Kansas, a Wichita suburb, was on
February 27, 2005 charged with serially killing 10 people in Wichita
since 1974. The killings were claimed in letters to local media from
“BTK,” short for “Bind, Torture, Kill.” Rader’s tenure in animal
control coincided with two long interludes between murders. Park
City and Wichita are both in Sedgewick County, where the rate of
animal control killing per 1,000 human residents is more than twice
the U.S. norm.

Chi Luu Linville, 57, of Loxahatchee, Florida, was on
March 11 convicted of trying to hire Palm Beach County sheriff’s
detective Kim Bradley to kill animal control officer Tammie Craw-ford
in October 2003, after Crawford impounded Linville’s goats and
cattle, and said she would return to impound Linville’s pigs and
cats. Explained Palm Beach Post staff writers William Cooper Jr. and
Larry Keller, “A judge had barred Linville–cited many times for
neglect and animals running loose–from keeping animals without court
approval. Linville feared losing an agricultural exemption on her
10-acre property if all animals were removed, assistant state
attorney Dan Galo said. Linville testified that her property taxes
would triple if she lost the exemption.” Linville contended that
Bradley entrapped her by posing as the stepdaughter of an

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