BOOKS: Keiko Speaks: Keiko’s True Story

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, April 2005:

Keiko Speaks: Keiko’s True Story
Based On His Communication
With Bonnie Norton
by Bonnie Norton & Keiko
Animal Messenger (P.O. Box 275, Elgin, OR 97827), 2004. 195
pages, paperback. $15.00.

Bonnie Norton told ANIMAL PEOPLE that she had never heard of
the late science fiction and fantasy author Andre Norton (obituary on
page 20), but she could pass for an Andre Norton character.
“In 1996 an Animal Communicator came to my riding stable and
talked with several of my horses,” Bonnie Norton opens.
Fascinated, Norton studied Animal Communication herself.
“When I realized I could help many more animals and people,”
she writes, “I sold my barn and horses so I could become a full-time
Animal Communicator.”

How the horses felt, Norton does not say.
Most of Keiko Speaks consists of transcripts of telepathic
conversations that Norton and others claim to have had with Keiko
between August 1997, when Norton first visited him at the Oregon
Coast Aquarium, and September 2003, when after his release, three
months before his death in a Norwegian fjord, he is said to have
pleaded through Norton for the last time to be allowed to live with
human companions.
Norton summarized her case in a July/August 2003 ANIMAL
PEOPLE guest column, “Listen to what Keiko wants!” Whether or not
one believes in telepathy, Keiko made his wishes known. They were
not honored by those who had raised and invested more than $20
million in the effort to free him.

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