United Egg Producers are sued for false advertising

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, March 2005:

TAKOMA PARK, Maryland–Compass-ion Over Killing on February
15, 2005 sued Giant Food Inc. of Landover, Maryland, Lehman’s Egg
Service Inc. of Greencastle, Pennsylvania, and Brookville
Supermarket of Washington, D.C., alleging that their use of an
“Animal Care Certified” logo introduced in 2002 by United Egg
Producers is false advertising.
Under the United Egg Producers guidelines, Compassion Over
Killing points out, farmers may “Confine birds in cages so small
they can’t even spread their wings, slice off parts of their beaks
without painkiller, and starve them [to induce a new egg-laying
cycle by so-called ‘forced molt’] to the point where they have lost
up to 30 percent of their body weight.”
United Egg Producers spokesperson Mitch Head told Gretchen
Parker of Associated Press that about 80% of all U.S. egg farmers
meet the standards.
The Better Business Bureau National Advertising Review Board
in May 2004 upheld a November 2003 ruling by a lower panel that the
“Animal Care Certified” logo is misleading and should either be
dropped or be significantly altered. In August 2004 the BBB asked
the U.S. Federal Trade Commission to investigate the alleged
deceptive labeling.

Compassion Over Killing filed the logo case 12 days after
Worcester County district judge Patrick Hayman dismissed a
misdemeanor cruelty charge brought against Purdue Farms Inc. based on
a Compassion Over Killing undercover video of conditions at a now
closed Purdue slaughterhouse in Showell.
“The tape showed chickens flapping after their throats were
slit and piles of live chickens being shoved and thrown down a
processing line,” wrote Parker. District attorney Joel Todd told
Judge Hayman that he did not want to prosecute the case, which he
believed should not have been filed.

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