Civil Abolitionist ends print edition

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, March 2005:

Bina Robinson, 81, has ended the Civil Abolitionist
newsletter, after 15 years, due to falling circulation and rising
costs, but remains active by e-mail at <>, and
still directs the 500-acre Civitas Wildlife Sanctuary at Swain, New
York. “Civitas began in the early 1980s as the U.S. branch of CIVIS,
Swiss medical historian Hans Ruesch’s international anti-vivisection
organization,” explains the Civitas web site,
<>. In 1983 it split into two parallel
groups, Citizens for Planetary Health, which continues the original
focus, and the Coalition to Protect Animals in Parks and Refuges,
whose newsletter Robinson issued as a Civil Abolitionist insert.

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