Animal advocates get Order of British Empire

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, March 2005:

Wildlife veterinarian Bill Jordan is to receive the Order of
the British Empire on April 27, Buckingham Palace announced on
January 1. Jordan debuted in wildlife medicine as consulting vet for
the Chester Zoo, then extended his skills in Iran 1964-1970, and in
South Africa for three years after that.
Jordan went on to found the wildlife department at the Royal
SPCA, authored the wildlife care manual Care For The Wild (1982),
and in 1982 founded the international animal aid charity Care For The
Wild. Also author of an influential critique of zoos, The Last Great
Wild Beast Show (1990), Jordan was a founding member of the British
Zoological Veterinary Society, and a longtime director of the
Captive Animals Protection Society. Jordan left CAPS in 2000 and
left Care For The Wild in 2001, going on to found the Bill Jordan
Wildlife Defence Fund.
Jordan is at least the third prominent animal advocate to
receive Buckingham Palace recognition in recent years. Animals Asia
Foundation founder Jill Robinson received the Order of the British
Empire in 1998, while Dogs Trust chair Clarissa Baldwin received it
in 2003.

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