Poacher Tauzin III loses in Louisiana

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, December 2004:

NEW ORLEANS–Louisiana election officials on December 9
certified that Democrat Charlie Melancon of Napoleonville won by 569
votes in the race to succeed 12-term Republican incumbent U.S.
Representative Billy Tauzin Jr.
An avid blood sports enthusiast, Tauzin Jr. retired
expecting son Billy Tauzin III to succeed him–but on February 29,
2004, Tauzin III and companion Anthony Giardina were fined for
trapping 46 nutria without a permit and trespassing, just two months
after Tauzin finished probation for drunk driving. Backers joked
that Tauzin III had established credentials as a “good old boy,” but
more than 57,000 voters didn’t think that was reason enough to vote
for him.

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