From ANIMAL PEOPLE, November 2004:

Veterinary gynecologist R. Balasubramanian on October 14,
2004 was appointed Secretary of the Animal Welfare Board of India.
Assistant commissioner for cattle development in the federal
agriculture ministry since 1998, Balasubramanian “is an animal lover
and vegetarian” who was strongly influenced by the late Blue Cross
of India cofounder Captain S. Sundaram, wrote assistant Animal
Welfare Board secretary K. Ramasamy.

Former Compassion In World Farming staffer Philip Russell has
succeeded Joy Leney, who retired, as Director of Operations at the
World Society for Animal Protection, WSPA Director General Peter
Davies told ANIMAL PEOPLE on October 27. Davies also announced two
new posts: Companion Animals Director, filled by Elly Hiby,
formerly with the Anthrozoology Institute at the University of
Bristol (U.K.), and Education & Training Coordinator, filled by
Jasmijn de Boo, formerly with the Department of Animals & Society at
Utrecht University in the Netherlands.

Portuguese Member of the European Parliament Paulo Casaca was
on October 27 named President of the European Parliament’s Intergroup
on the Welfare & Conservation of Animals. Founded in 1983,
Intergroup is self-described as “a cross-party grouping of MEPs which
promotes and develops the animal welfare agenda in the Parliament.”

Rebecca Aldworth, Montreal representative for the
International Fund for Animal Welfare since 1997, was on October 18
named director of Canadian wildlife issues for the Humane Society of
the U.S. “Her new position, based in Montreal, will initially
focus on her continuing work to stop the seal hunt,” said HSUS
spokesperson Cynthy Mellonas.

Phil Snyder was on September 21 named Animal Services
administrator for the City of Memphis, filling a post open since May
2003. A 30-year veteran of animal welfare work, Snyder spent the
past 15 years as a Humane Society of the U.S. regional representative.

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