Animal Obituaries

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, November 2004:

Kato, 11, the dog of Nicole Brown Simpson whose howling
helped investigators to establish the time of her murder and that of
her friend Ron Goldman on June 12, 1994, died on October 21, 2004
at the home of Nicole Simpson’s parents, Louis and Judith Brown,
in Dana Point, California. Ex-football player and sportscaster O.J.
Simpson, estranged husband of Nicole Simpson, was acquitted of the
killings but lost a civil suit brought by her parents when the jury
found “probable cause” that he was responsible.

Cannelle, 15, the last reproducing female brown bear in the
western French Pyrenees mountains, was killed on November 1 by boar
hunters, whose dogs chased her orphaned cub. The hunters had been
told to stay out of the area. The killing came 10 days after a a
government ranger shot an 18-month-old female wolf near the Italian
border, the first wolf killed in France in 70 years.

Tatima, 35, an African elephant, died on October 18, 2004
at the Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago, apparently from tuberculosis.
Tatima, sent to Chicago by the San Diego Zoo in 2003, was the
subject of a campaign led by actress Gillian Anderson that sought to
send her to a sanctuary instead.

Ossie, a young osprey, shot while migrating over southern
England but rehabilitated and released by the Hawk Conservancy Trust
in Andover, was shot again in Spain and killed in October 2004, on
the first day of the Spanish bird-hunting season. Ospreys are a
protected species in both England and Spain. The Santa Cruz wildlife
rehab center at Oeliros identified him by his satellite tracking

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