Greyhound exports to Southeast Asia

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, October 2004:

KIDDERMINSTER, U.K.– Greyhound Action International
announced on September 16 that newly obtained 2003 statistics show “a
drop in the number of greyhounds exported from Australia to South
Korea, but an increase in the number sent to Macau.” Greyhound
racing has recently been introduced into Macau, Vietnam, and
Cambodia, and has expanded in the Phillipines.
Greyhound Action International notes that dogs are eaten in
all of these places, and alleges that the exported greyhounds “are
ending their days being butchered in the dog meat industry.”
Australian activist Lyn White inspected the Vietnamese
greyhound racing facilities and dog meat markets for the Animals Asia
Foundation in late 2002 and found no evidence that greyhounds were
being sold for human consumption, or could be, since Vietnamese
consumers prefer fat puppies rather than hard-muscled older dogs.
However, greyhounds were at the time still scarce in
Vietnam. If intensive breeding for competition produced a perennial
surplus, as exists in nations with an established greyhound racing
industry, it is not inconceivable that an entrepreneur might find a
way to sell their remains, perhaps as a pre-cooked canned stew.

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