Dog meat trafficking

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, October 2004:

Thai police on October 1, 2004 seized 1,070 dogs from three
trucks and arrested four men who were allegedly about to cross into
Laos from Sakon Nakon province, en route to dog meat markets in
Vietnam. The dogs were impounded under quarantine. The men would be
fined if found guilty of illegal trading, said police colonel
Sunthorn Kongkraphan, but would not be jailed.

Philippine police on August 10, 2004 seized 80 trussed-up
street dogs from a truck taking them from Cavite province, south of
Manila, to a slaughterhouse in Baguio City, the reputed dog meat
capital of the Philippines. The truck was intercepted following an
11-mile hot pursuit after trying to evade a police checkpoint. The
driver was charged with violating the national animal welfare act.

Both the Honolulu Star-Bulletin and the Honolulu Advertiser
reported about allegations of covert dog meat sales in Hawaii during
late August 2004. EnviroWatch founder Carroll Cox shared photos of
the premises of one purported dealer with ANIMAL PEOPLE, plus
details of relevant discussions with the suspect, but Cox did not
pursue a prosecution. The Hawaii Humane Society and CrimeStoppers
acknowledged receiving complaints about alleged dog meat dealing at
three locations within the past year, but humane society
spokesperson Jacque Smith said the complaints were too inspecific to
follow up. Cox and the Hawaii Humane Society did not collaborate.
Cox has been highly critical of many aspects of Hawaii Humane Society

The Animal Rescue Branch of the Beijing Haidian Senior Forest
Scientists & Technicians Association collected petition signatures in
opposition to dog-eating and animal abuse at the first Beijing
Companion Animal Festival, held October 2-4 at the Guodu Pet Park.
“The festival was hosted by, the biggest pet web
site in China,” Animal Rescue Branch volunteer Irene Zhang told

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