Lance-Watson perjury case

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, September 2004:

SEATTLE–Federal perjury charges against Allison
Lance-Watson, 45, wife of Sea Shepherd Conservation Society
founder Paul Watson, were dropped on September 9, 2004, said
Assistant U.S. Attorney Mark Bartlett, because the prosecution
inadvertently shredded the transcripts of grand jury proceedings that
were the evidence.
“In dropping the case,” wrote Seattle Post-Intelligencer
reporter Paul Shukovsky, “the government agreed Lance-Watson will
not be prosecuted for any crimes based on evidence now in possession
of the U.S.,” and agreed not to subpoena her about any current
A related contempt of court case continues against activist
Gina Lynn for refusing to testify to the grand jury.
The grand jury is investigating an arson in Olympia,
Washington, and the theft of 228 chickens from a farm in Burlington,
Washington, on the night of May 7, 2000. The FBI says a
convenience store security camera caught Lynn and fellow activist
Joshua Trenter as they dumped evidence, and puts them in a truck
that Lance-Watson rented to help the Sea Shepherds relocate from
Santa Monica, California, to Friday Harbor, Washington.
Jailed on August 26 for contempt of court, Lynn commenced a
hunger strike that was apparently still underway as ANIMAL PEOPLE
went to press on September 15. She has engaged in hunger strikes of
up to 22 days during previous jailings for refusing to testify before
grand juries.

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