Pro-animal coalitions organize to seek new laws in Egypt, Canada

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, July/August 2004:

Ten Egyptian animal charities on June 21, 2004 formed the
Egyptian Federation for Animal Welfare, electing attorney Ahmed El
Sherbiny to be founding chair. “Ahmed is also the chair of the
Egyptian Society of Animal Friends and the driving force behind
creation of the federation,” ESAF volunteer Robert Blumberg told
ANIMAL PEOPLE. “The Federation’s initial mission is, by invitation,
to help draft Egypt’s first comprehensive animal welfare legislation.
The strength of the Federation will now be used to help push the law
through the legislative process.” Contact EFAW c/o Blumberg,

The Canadian Horse Defense Coalition is “a collective of
national groups that have joined forces to ban the slaughter of
equines for human consumption in Canada, as well as the export of
live horses for the same purpose,” says founder Sinikka Crosland.
Crosland in 2003 formed the Women’s Health and Ethics Coalition “to
bring further attention to the health, humane, and environmental
concerns surrounding the use of Prempro and Premarin,” and to seek
“an end to the manufacture and export” of all products made from
pregnant mare’s urine. In 2002-2003 Crosland led the opposition to
the Ken Turcot Memorial Gopher Derby, a killing contest held to
raise funds for the Saskatoon Wildlife Federation. The event was not
held in 2004. Contact Crosland c/o P.O. Box 26097, Westbank,
British Columbia, V4T 2G3, Canada; 250-768-4803;
<>; <>.

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