BOOKS: Disposable Dogs

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, May 2004:

Disposable Dogs by Steve Swanbeck
White Swan Publishing
(1 Green Hill Road, Chester, NJ 07930), 2004.
197 pages, paperback. $11.95.

“The old blind German shepherd with tumors all over her body
sat alone in the shelter and waited. The chances of Bralie being
adopted was as remote as her vision,” begins Steve Swanbeck,
describing how the dog was about to be euthanized when she was
rescued by Noah’s Bark Pet Rescue.
After months of loving care and expensive veterinary help,
Bralie recovered to the point that she could be taken to a pet
adoption fair at a nearby town. “Dad, its Bralie!” said a little
boy, and the dog went crazy, howling and whining and wagging her
tail. She was reunited with her family.
The father explained how fireworks had frightened Bralie,
who leaped the garden fence and got lost. They visited their local
shelter without success and had eventually given up hope of ever
seeing Bralie again.
Bralie’s story is typical of the 70 true short stories–make that
truncated stories–in this little book. These could make wonderful
bedtime tales for children.
–Chris Mercer & Beverley Pervan

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