From ANIMAL PEOPLE, March 2004:

The Nature Conservancy, often criticized for use of cruel
tactics in killing non-native species on its holdings, in early
February 2004 testified before the Hawaii House Water, Land Use,
and Ha-waiian Affairs Committee in favor of a bill to allow USDA
Wildlife Services to shoot feral animals from the air.

Uist Hedgehog Rescue is again trying to rescue hedgehogs from
the Western Isles off Scotland, quadrupling the bounty offered to
residents for safe captures ahead of a cull funded by Scottish
Natural Heritage. Scottish Natural Heritage considers hedgehogs to
be a non-native menace to birds’ nests. UHR saved 156 hedgehogs in

The 15-nation European Union on January 19 suspended imports
of grizzly bear trophies from British Columbia, six months after
warning the B.C. and Canadian governments that scientific review
indicates the present hunting rules are insufficient to protect
grizzlies from extirpation. The B.C. government estimates that
17,000 grizzlies live in the province, but other investigators
believe there are as few as 4,000. The EU ban is largely symbolic,
as only seven of 228 grizzlies killed by hunters in B.C. in 2003 were
killed by EU residents.

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