BOOKS: The World of Whales, Dolphins, & Porpoises

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, December 2003:

The World of Whales, Dolphins, & Porpoises:
Natural History & Conservation
by Tony Martin
Voyageur Press (123 N. 2nd St., Stillwater, MN 55082), 2003.
96 pages, hardcover. $24.95.

If you have other books describing most of the known whale,
dolphin, and porpoise species, along with the basics of how they
live and where they are found, this one may be redundant–although
it is almost up-to-date about recent changes in species
identification, which have recognized differences among many animals
who superificially look much alike. Tony Martin missed only new
identifications announced this year.
If you do not already have a good general reference on
whales, dolphins, and porpoises, this may be the one you want. It
is too large to take whalewatching, and is not presented as a field
guide, but is authoritative if you need information in connection
with doing whale education or writing to news media and public

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