Beijing Public Security Bureau opens shelter to public

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, November 2003:

BEIJING–The Beijing Public Security Bureau has opened the
city animal control shelter to the public and has begun adopting out
dogs for the first time, Association for Small Animal Protection
founder Betty Zhao e-mailed to ANIMAL PEOPLE on November 6, 2003.
The PSB has also begun accepting volunteer help. Zhao
recently mobilized 18 volunteers [above] to groom dogs for adoption
display. As dogs are still relatively scarce in Beijing, Zhao
anticipated that all of the groomed dogs would soon find homes.
Most dogs picked up in recent months are believed to have
been pets who were dumped at large during the SARS panic, often by
terrified neighbors rather than by the animals’ caretakers.
Until now, there was little way for Beijing residents to
reclaim lost dogs. Most dogs found at large were simply killed.
The PSB policy changes coincide with moving into a new building.
“The cages are decorated with cartoons [to welcome human
visitors], with a bowl for water and a bowl for food inside each
cage,” Zhao said. “It is easy for the staff to do clean-up. But
the dogs still have to stay in a cage. We have recommended that they
should establish a place for the dogs to run.”

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