Dog butcher jailed

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, October 2003:

BAGUIO CITY, The Philippines– Municipal trial court judge
Tomas Tolete on October 6 sentenced convicted dog butcher Enrique
Palaque, 51, of San Pedro, to serve six months in prison.
Reported Agence France-Press, “Palaque was arrested while en
route to another court hearing, where he is a defendant in a similar
case. A lower court in Manila earlier fined Palaque $54 for a
similar offense,” according to regional police superintendent Marvin
The Philippines banned dog slaughter in 1996, but the law
was rarely enforced before late 2002, after Baguio City journalist
Freddie Farres and the anti-corruption group Linis Gobyerno made the
non-enforcement a public issue.

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