Nonlethal bison and pigeon population control

From ANIMAL PEOPLE,  July/August 2003:

“The Santa Catalina Island Conservancy has given In Defense
of Animals the opportunity to adopt and relocate 100-150 bison to the
mainland,”  IDA regional director Bill Dyer announced on June 20.
“Fourteen bison were introduced to Catalina for the filming of The
Vanishing American,  starring Richard Dix,  in 1924.  The population
has grown beyond what the island can sustain.  It is imperative that
the relocation take place by August 1,  2003.  A managed colony of
100-150 bison will remain on the island.”  Dyer welcomes offers of
care-for-life homes for the bison at 310-301-7730 or

Pigeon Control Advisory Services,  founded in Britain by Guy
Merchant to promote awareness of nonlethal ways to deal with pigeon
problems,  now has a U.S. affiliate called the Pigeon Project,
coordinated by Leslie Wilson c/o <>.  Wilson
told ANIMAL PEOPLE that she hopes to soon demonstrate a Swiss
technique,  used since 1987,  which involves encouraging hobby
pigeon-feeders to feed at only one site,  where there are attractive
nesting boxes,  and then removing the newly laid pigeon eggs each
day.  Practiced in several Swiss cities,  the method reduces pigeon
populations without lethal culling.

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