Following the money

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, May 2003:

Philanthropic Research Inc., the
subcontractor to the U.S. Internal Revenue
Service responsible for posting the IRS Form 990
filings of U.S. charities in downloadable PDF
format at <>, on April 3
announced that it has received a grant of £2.9
million from the British Treasury to produce a
similar web site for the British Charity
Commission. “Annual filings made by charities to
the Charity Commission will constitute the core
data for the GuideStar UK database, and the
charities themselves will provide additional
narrative information about their missions,
programs, objectives, and accomplishments.

Neither charities nor the public will pay to use
the GuideStar UK database,” Philanthropic
Research Inc. said.
A Foundation for Biomed-ical Research publicity campaign featuring the phras

“Animal Research Saves Animals” on
pamphlets, posters, mall exhibit signs, and
public service announcements debuted in March.
Similar campaigns have in the past emphasized
themes along the lines of “a rat’s life or your
child’s.” The current campaign, called
“Survivors,” appears to be directed at childless
people who have close relationships with pets–a
significant portion of the antivivisection donor

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