Animal obituaries

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, May 2003:

Emily the cow, 10, who escaped from a Massachusetts
slaughterhouse in 1995 and was eventually purchased by Sherborn Peace
Abbey founders Meg and Lewis Randa, died on March 31 from cancer.
Boston Globe correspondent Benjamin Gedan remembered her as “an
inarticulate but persuasive spokeswoman for vegetarianism.” Added
Meg Randa, “It’s easy to go to the grocery, but Emily put a face on
that packet of beef.”

Randy the dolphin, 11, “so-called because of his attraction
to women wearing rubber wetsuits,” according to Martin Lea of the
Dorset Echo, was reportedly hit and killed by a boat in Weymouth
Harbor, England, on April 3, 11 months after dolphin rescuer Ric
O’Barry warned that such an accident would happen and tried
unsuccessfully to steer him back to his former home near Cherbourg,
France, where he was known as Georges.

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