British ad media “chicken out”

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, April 2003:

LONDON–London Underground, responsible for London subway
operations, according to the BBC in February 2003 refused as
“offensive” a Compassion In World Farming ad that “featured
scantily-clad models huddled together on one side of a poster and
chickens on a farm on the other.” The ad was reportedly captioned
“Thousands of big-breasted birds packed together for your pleasure.”
The CIWF ad was at least the second critical message
about poultry husbandry to be banned in Britain. In November 2001
the Broadcasting Advert-ising Clearance Centre banned a 30-second
Royal SPCA ad contrasting the growth rate of layer hens to the
hormone-stimulated growth rate of broiler hens, “on the basis,” the
RSPCA said, “that it was controversial and seemed to attack the

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