Zimbabwe mob cruelty continues

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, January/February 2003:

HARARE-Communications from the embattled Zimbabwe National
SPCA have been few since soon after the Robert Mugabe regime
intensified censorship of outbound mail and e-mail in September 2002,
but brief messages received and forwarded by contacts in other parts
of the world indicate that Meryl Harrison and team are still doing
what they can to relieve animal suffering.
Animals kept by Zimbabweans of European descent continue to
be targeted for abuse by pro-Mugabe mobs, London Daily Telegraph
correspondent Peta Thorneycroft wrote on December 17.
At Forrester Estates, owned by German citizen Heinrich von
Pezold, wrote Thorneycroft, “Several hundred head of cattle were
recently driven into an artificial lake to drown. Others were penned
into paddocks, in searing heat, to starve. The cattle were sent to
their excruciating end by about 20 hysterical farm workers,
encouraged by government supporters. Police were unable to say if
anyone was arrested, at a time when a beef shortage is imminent and
almost half the population is on the brink of starvation.”
Little or no meat was salvaged. The carcasses were burned.

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