SHARK bites Nature Conservancy

From ANIMAL PEOPLE,  January/February 2003:

CHICAGO-“We are going to expose The Nature Conservancy for
allowing hunting,  especially canned hunting,  on its land,”  SHARK
founder Steve Hindi declared as his 2003 New Year’s resolution.
Hindi followed up by deploying the SHARK video truck against
TNC activities at Wilder Farms,  near Lewistown,  Illinois.
TNC bought the 7,500-acre site from Maurice Wilder in 2000,
but leased 200 acres used to keep about 400 elk back to Wilder under
a contract expiring in 2009.  Wilder in November 2001 sold the elk to
Kevin Williams of Breeds,  Illinois.
Unable to move live elk due to state restrictions meant to
prevent the spread of chronic wasting syndrome,  Williams has
reportedly allowed paying customers to shoot them in their pens and
butcher them on site.

“The TNC office on this property lies between the parking lot
for the killers and one of the pens where the tame elk were shot,”
Hindi said.  “TNC  was surrounded by the slaughter and had a front
row seat for it,  but did nothing to stop it.”
TNC,  with income of $610 million in 2001,  does not accept
gifts of land if made on condition that it will never be used for
hunting,  fishing,  or trapping.
The methods used by TNC to extirpate non-native species who
were brought to Hawaii and the Channel Islands off California to be
hunted,  after “canned hunts” on TNC property there closed,  have
previously drawn protest from The Fund for Animals,  In Defense of
Animals,  and PETA.

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