MSPCA in a labor dispute

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, January/February 2003:

SPRINGFIELD, Mass.–Rowley Memorial Animal Hospital, a
branch of the Massachusetts SPCA, has “demanded that newly hired
certified veterinary technicians not be part of” Service Employees
Union Local 285, and that vet techs already on the job “be given an
option to leave the union,” according to Springfield Valley Advocate
reporter Chris Kanaracus.
In addition, the MSPCA is asking Rowley staff to pay 10% of
their health insurance premiums, now entirely paid for them. Local
285 representative Tim Oppenheimer noted that while the MSPCA lost
money in 2001, all six of the top-paid MSPCA officers received
substantial raises, including president Gus Thornton, due to
retire, whose pay was boosted 18% to $258,400.

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