Bonus for failure?

From ANIMAL PEOPLE,  January/February 2003:

LOS ANGELES-The Greater Los Angeles Zoo Association kept $7.3
million over the past five years that should have been given to the
city-operated zoo,  Los Angeles city controller Laura Chick reported
in December 2002 after completing an audit.  GLAZA is the independent
nonprofit entity that conducts fundraising activities for the zoo.
“Chick is seeking a legal opinion from the City Attorney as
to whether the city should try to recover the funds,”  Los Angeles
Daily News staff writer Harrison Sheppard reported.
Even before the terrorist attacks of September 11,  2001
brought a nationwide collapse of nonprofit fundraising,  GLAZA
“missed its fundraising goals twice since 1998 and a third time this
year,”  Sheppard wrote.
The 2001-2002 fundraising goal was $7.5 million,  but GLAZA
raised just $2.2 million,  falling 71% short.
However,  Chick revealed,  ex-GLAZA president Don Youpa was
given a performance bonus of $20,000 on top of his $175,000 salary.

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