Animal Obituaries

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, January/February 2003:

Rusty, 35, a 308-pound orangutan born at the Chaffee Zoo in
Fresno in 1967 and donated to the San Francisco Zoo in 1968 by the
late Carroll Soo Hoo, died on January 8. Rusty sired a daughter
named Violet, after Mrs. Carroll Soo-Hoo, with his former companion
Josephine. Rusty is survived and mourned by his companion of the
past several years, Lipz, 20.

Shuzee, 53, the oldest chimpanzee in Japan, born at the
Hamburg Zoo in Germany but brought to the Tennoji Zoo in Osaka in
1951, died on January 6. The oldest chimp on record was Jimmy, 55,
of the Seneca Park Zoo in Rochester, New York, who died in 1985.

Charlie Brown, 11, a dog whose annual birthday parties
raised about $4,000 for the Animal Refuge Center of North Fort Myers,
Florida, was euthanized due to incurable cancer on January 6. He
was the pet of Danielle Weiner, owner of three local ice cream

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