Wildlife Waystation settles with the USDA

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, December 2002:
Angeles National Forest, Calif.–The Wildlife Waystation
sanctuary on November 1, 2002 settled a five-year backlog of 299
citations for alleged Animal Welfare Act violations by signing a
consent decree which allows the 600 animals on site to remain, but
prohibits accepting more animals, excludes visitors for at least 30
days, and puts the facility–well-regarded by fellow sanctuarians
but long at odds with officialdom– under a two-year probation.
Wildlife Waystation founder Martine Colette said that meeting
all regulatory requitements could cost as much as $5 million.
Her longterm plan is to relocate many of the larger animals
to the Wilderness Edge Wildlife Reserve, a 160-acre satellite
facility to be built in Wikeup, Arizona. She submitted her plans to
the Mohave County zoning board in mid-October.

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