Dutch animal welfare measures threatened

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, December 2002:
Den Hague–Dutch agriculture minister C.P. Veerman, a
Christian Democrat, on October 9 told Parliament that he intended to
repeal laws adopted by the previous government which would phase out
fur farms over the next 10 years and improve conditions for broiler
hens and laying hens.
The Veerman position was consistent with the platform of the
rightist Lijst Pim Fortuyn party, which won a place in the coalition
government with the Christian Democrats and the Liberals by placing
second in the May 2002 election. The election was held nine days
after Pim Fortuyn himself was allegedly assassinated by a maverick
antifur activist who is now awaiting trial.

On October 16, however, the coalition government fell
apart, necessitating a new election in January 2003.
“Since the current cabinet is only minding the shop until the
formation of a new government, they cannot make any big decisions,
and will probably not proceed on this point,” World Animal Net
founder Wim de Kok told ANIMAL PEOPLE.
“Pollsters think that the Christian Democrats and Liberals
might continue in a coalition. In that case Veerman is likely to
return to his post and continue the same policy. But nobody knows
what the election may bring,” de Kok added.
De Kok previously was a leader of the Dutch antifur group
Bont Voor Dieren.

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