Pakistan conference

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, October 2002:

“A great peaceful gathering was organized in Multan,
Pakistan, on 19th July, 2002, under the leadership of Khalid
Mahmood Qureshi, chief editor of The Tension weekly newspaper,”
reported Shahzad Ahmed Khan in an e-mail to ANIMAL PEOPLE.
Topics of concern, according to Khan, included “the safety
and survival of rare animals and birds which are on the verge of
extinction”; the weakness and nonenforcement of Pakistan’s 1890
animal protection act; and animal fighting for entertainment,
involving cocks, quail, pheasants, bulls, camels, dogs, and
dogs set against tethered bears.
Participants in the gathering including Supreme Court
advocate Nafees Ansari and Arif Mahmood Qureshi, managing trustee of
Animal Rights International/Pakistan, raised banners bearing slogans
such as “Animals are the beauty of our earth,” and “Love the
animals–don’t tease or torture them,” Khan said.
“Banners also protested,” Khan wrote, “that the District
Court Bar of Multan and the Municipal Corporation of Multan recently
poisoned street dogs and feral cats.”

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