Hard times close two more shelters

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, October 2002:


FLAGSTAFF, Ariz.; ARLING-TON, Wa.–Critter Crater, of
Flagstaff, Arizona, and Sheltering Arms, of Arlington,
Washington, closed on August 10 and August 18, respectively. Both
evolved out of the failures of previous shelters, and both made
promising starts but were casualties of the ongoing economic shakeout
that began with the late 2000 collapse of high tech stocks.
Critter Crater emerged from the dissolution of the
long-struggling Valley Dale Animal Haven in Sedona. Hired from
upstate New York in 1993 to try to save Valley Dale, former
executive director Christine French and shelter manager Bill DeRitter
at last gave up in 1997 and joined several volunteers and donors in
starting over at a new site. But the group soon split. French and
DeRitter returned to upstate New York, to manage the Ulster County
SPCA. Critter Crater meanwhile had at least two other management
teams during the next four years.
Sheltering Arms lasted just two years in a city-owned
facility made available after the North Snohomish County Animal
Shelter closed in 2000. Much praised by local activists and news
media, Sheltering Arms lacked the budget to hire staff and
ultimately could not find enough volunteers to stay open. The Humane
Society at Happypaw Farms, also of Arlington, is reportedly
interested in taking over the building.

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