Dog laws tested

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, October 2002:


The Manhattan Supreme Court on July 15 upheld the right of
the New York City Center for Animal Care and Control to sterilize
dogs and cats found at large or seized for cause, regardless of the
wishes of owners who later reclaim them. The verdict followed a June
21 Manhattan Supreme Court ruling that the New York City Board of
Health has the authority to enforce a 1999 ban on keeping ferrets
within city limits.

U.S. District Judge Ralph Tyson on June 25 ordered the town
of Walker, Louisiana, to stop enforcing an anti-barking ordinance
that he found “flagrantly and patently” unconstitutional because,
“It fails to put the average person on notice as to what conduct
might violate it.” Tyson ruled on a case brought by Wallace Connerly
and Meg Casper, who sued Walker over fines imposed in response to
barking complaints about their two Belgian Malinois.

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