Meat is murder

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, July/August, 2002:

Arms dealer Carl DeSchutter, livestock dealer Germain
Daenen, cattle breeder Alex Vercauteren, and traveling fair worker
Albert Barrez were convicted on June 3 in Brussels, Belgium, of the
1995 murder of veterinary inspector Karel Van Noppen. Van Noppen was
investigating Vercauteren in connection with alleged use of the
banned synthetic steroid clenbuterol to expedite the growth of veal
calves. “Van Noppen’s zeal drew criticism from a superior, who
hanged himself after Van Noppen’s murder,” Agence France-Presse
revealed. An informant identified DeSchutter and Barrez, who were
former jail cellmates; DeSchutter implicated Vercauteren and Daenen
after his arrest in 1996.

Police in Cairo, Egypt, on June 3 arrested Fatima
Khalafallah for the alleged contract murder of her husband Tamer
Khalafellah, said to have been abusive. Also arrested were two local
butchers who carried out the killing and the two Khalafallah
daughters who witnessed it but apparently did not intervene. The
killing was exposed after a third butcher who was part of the “hit”
committed suicide because his family would not allow him to marry one
of the daughters, who was allegedly promised to him as part of the

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