More bites

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, June 2002:

Norman Schachter, 50, on May 19 drew 15 years in prison and
accomplice Derrick Moultrie, 34, drew 10 years, for trying to hire
undercover police officers to beat up author Shaun Considine, 65,
after trying to frame Considine for possessing illegal drugs and
child pornography. Considine’s “only offense was to be virtually
devoured by Mr. Schachter’s dogs” in Central Park in 1998, New York
State Supreme Court Justice William Wetzel said. Considine then sued
Schachter and his wife Debbie Gamiel, 45. Gamiel pleaded guilty in
July 2001 to a misdemeanor charge for allowing the three-dog attack
to occur, and was sentenced to probation.

Tucson attorney William Ricker in August 2001 asked Pima
County Animal Control for the contact information of everyone who
recently suffered a bite, apparently hoping to solicit lawsuits.
Deputy county attorney Sean Holquin in December 2001 told Ricker that
the names would be released but not the contact info, to avoid an
“unwarranted invasion of privacy” which “would have a chilling effect
on future bite reports.” Ricker on April 29 sued to try to force
release of the contact info. Pima County Animal Control records
circa 3,000 bites per year. About half involve children.

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