Baja Animal Sanctuary is blown away by storm

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, March 2002:

ROSARITO, Mexico–“The Baja Animal Sanctuary [as described
in the June 1999 edition of ANIMAL PEOPLE] is virtually gone, gone,
gone,” founder Sunny Benedict told volunteers and donors in a
February 11 letter distributed by volunteer Maureen Quinn.
“The same horrible Santa Ana winds that created the canyon
fires in the vicinity of Fallbrook, California,” causing
evacuations of people and animals, “came through Rosarito,”
Benedict explained. “All of the fencing, tarpaulins for shade,
dog houses, aluminum roofing, and even the roof on the house are
gone. And there was nothing we could do but watch.

“The storage shed that housed our washer and dryer is in
pieces,” Benedict said, “and the washer and dryer are in the canyon
below the sanctuary. The shed was anchored in concrete. Even parts
of the concrete are now missing. The large dogs in the outside
corrals were terrified, trying to find safety in pieces of wood that
once were their shelters. We brought all the young pups inside.
“The upstairs cattery was hit hard when a large piece of
glass came flying in. Luckily only one cat was hurt, and none of
the workers were injured.
“When the storage shed blew away, ” Benedict continued, “it
tore out our water pipe, draining our stored water supply.” There
is no well on the property. “Our water delivery man could not get
through to us for hours because of downed power and telephone lines,”
Benedict said. “We finally were able to give the dogs water late at
Growing out of a local dog and cat sterilization project
begun in 1993, the Baja Animal Sanctuary is the only animal shelter
in Baja California state, Mexico, between Ensenada and La Paz. It
receives mail in San Diego and participates in the San Diego PETsMART
adoption program.
[Contact the Baja Animal Sanctuary c/o PMB 626, P.O. Box
439060, San Diego, CA 92143; telephone 52-664-6313249;

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