Animal obituaries

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, June 2002:

Seattle Slew, 28, who won the horseracing Triple Crown in
1977 and was the last living horse to have won all three events,
died on May 7 at the Hill ‘n’ Dale Farm near Lexington, Kentucky,
25 years to the day after he won the Kentucky Derby in the first leg
of his rush to fame. “We have a black Labrador, eight months old,
named Chet, after my father,” owner Mickey Taylor told The New York
Times. “Chet went into his stall, and Slew licked Chet’s face, and
Chet licked Slew’s face. Then Slew looked up at me and said, ‘Get
on with your life. I have to go.'”

Lefty, 10, the injured Muscovy duck who inspired the 1993
children’s book Lefty’s Place and educational video Lefty’s World by
Lewis G. Nierman, died recently at the home he shared in Florida
with Nierman and April Poneman.

Jimmy, 8, a German shepherd search-and-rescue dog who
worked at the World Trade Center site with his handler David Vitalli
of Newburgh, New York, until he fell seriously ill, died on May 18.

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