New Mexico pound worker breeds pit bulls

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, May 2002:

AZTEC, New Mexico–Among the more incongruous personal
histories of which ANIMAL PEOPLE has lately heard in the animal
control field is that of Aztec Animal Shelter employee Kristen
On October 10, 2001, Valencia was reportedly one of two
witnesses who affirmed an anonymous written allegaton to Animal
Protection of New Mexico cruelty inspector Michele Rokke that Aztec
Animal Shelter personnel improperly killed animals with
inanesthetized intracardiac injections.

Rokke recommended remedial training. On October 30, the
Aztec Animal Shelter sent Valencia and coworker Lauren Gardner to a
three-day training event sponsored by Animal Protection of New Mexico.
However, as Albuquerque shelter reform advocate Marcy
Britton soon pointed out, the session did not include “formal,
certified and official euthanasia training.”
On October 26, meanwhile, Valencia surrendered to the Aztec
Animal Shelter an adult pit bull terrier who had attacked a
neighbor’s beagle and bit the neighbor. The pit bull was quarantined
for 10 days and then killed.
Valencia had bred and sold pit bulls for at least four years.
In December 2001 Valencia was fined $500 and sentenced to
serve 90 days in jail for failing to fence her kennel, suspended on
condition that a fence was built.
Britton has called for a grand jury probe of Aztec Animal
Shelter operations.

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