Human obituaries

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, April 2002:

Amy Nichols, 18, a British student employed by the Taita
Discovery Centre in Kenya, was killed on March 8 by a Madagascar
dwarf crocodile during a swim with friends in Lake Challa, along the
Kenyan border with Tanzania, below Mt. Kilimanjaro. Madagascar
dwarf crocodiles were introduced to Lake Challa in the 1930s by
British adventurer Ewart Grogan, best known for walking from Cape
Town to Cairo in 1898. The dwarf crocs were thought to have been
exterminated circa 1990 by fishers who were tired of having their
nets torn.

Karl Mattson, 60, of Foxboro, Massachusetts, drowned on
March 8 while trying to rescue his poodle mix from thin ice on Lake
Sebago, Maine.

Chantal Vincelli, 38, a longtime cat rescuer first in
Montreal and later in New York City, was killed on September 11,
2001, while setting up a trade show at the World Trade Center.
Friends found homes for all of the 17 cats she left behind.

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