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From ANIMAL PEOPLE, March 2002:

The Inland Valley Humane Society, of Pomona, California,
has ceased supplying dogs and cats to veterinary technician training
programs at Mount San Antonio College, after 30 years, and to Cal
Poly Pomona, after four years, executive director Bill Harford
confirmed in mid-February 2002 to Los Angeles Times reporter Danielle
Samniego. Harford blamed criticism from PETA for ending the
arrangements, which he said often led to the animals finding homes
with the vet tech trainees–a contention PETA disputes.

Washington Post staff writer Avram Goldstein disclosed on
January 28 that until Washington D.C. animal control chief Peggy
Keller found out about the practice and halted it in March 2001, the
Washington Humane Society had routinely loaned impounded animals to
the Friend-ship Hospital for Animals for use as blood donors–“maybe
3-5 per year,” said WHS interim executive director Jim Monsma,
filling in for Mary Healy, who resigned after nine years in
mid-2001. Monsma said that although WHS kills about 70% of the
14,000 animals it receives each year, the donor animals were
guaranteed homes.

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