From ANIMAL PEOPLE, March 2002:

Religious conservative Mark Warren Sands, 50, of Phoenix,
Arizona, drew an 18-year prison sentence on February 11 for burning
seven luxury homes under construction between April 2000 and January
2001. Sands claimed credit for the ELF-like arsons in communiques
from environmental advocacy activist cells that existed only in his
own imagination. A former publicist for University Hospital in Salt
Lake City and a Phoenix-area health care organization, Sands more
nearly fit the profile of an agent provocateur than that of a radical
activist, having no public history of the open space advocacy that
he said was his motive. But Sands also acknowledged committing the
arsons to obtain a sense of adventure, and no evidence emerged to
link him to any kind of conspiracy.

Alleged would-be ALF arsonists Peter G. Schnell, 21, of
Ocean, New Jersey, and Matthew Whyte, 18, of Orange,
Calif-ornia, were sentenced on January 28 to federal prison terms of
two years and 14 months, respectively, for possession of firebombs
that they admitted they were making to use against a dairy
distributor’s truck in Capitola, California. They were arrested on
January 21, 2001.
Long Island University environmental sciences major Andrew
Stepanian, 23, on February 25 drew six months in jail for allegedly
resisting arrest and obstructing justice. Stepanian was arrested in
1999 for chaining himself to a fur store, and served three months in
jail for allegedly throwing a brick through a fur store window.
Stepanian has claimed that police departments are harrassing him
because they wrongly suspect he is associated with local ALF and ELF
arsons and vandalism.

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