More “Loki” elephant case

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, March 2002:

NEW DELHI–A three-judge panel from the Supreme Court of
India on February 12 directed the Tamil Nadu forest department to
allow James Mahoney, DVM, to resume treating a tuskless bull
elephant on behalf of the India Project for Animals and Nature.
Mahoney had begun regular visits to the elephant in January, but was
later barred by forest department officials.
Known to IPAN donors as “Loki,” but called either Murthy or
Makhna in Tamil Nadu, the elephant was captured in July 1998, after
killing 18 people in a series of rampages. He is believed to be an
ex-logging elephant who also killed 18 people in earlier incidents.

Alleging that the elephant was abused first in capture and
later at the Tamil Nadu forest department elephant camp at the
Mudhumalai Wildlife Sanctuary, where he has been kept ever since,
IPAN founder Deanna Krantz has been seeking custody of him ever since.
Her claims that the elephant was abused have been refuted,
however, by repeated investigations by the Animal Welfare Board of
India, Blue Cross of India, and People For Animals.
In December 2001 the Madras High Court was asked to consider
transferring the elephant to the Anna Arignar Zoo, near Chennai.

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