From ANIMAL PEOPLE, November 2001:

Soda, a.k.a. Alice Hanley Castle, the “canine first lady of

Hong Kong” 1992-1997 as pet of last British governor Chris Patten,
died in mid-November after a long illness. Soda and her mate and
cousin Whisky, who survives her, lived at the Patten family
vacation home in France after the Pattens left Hong Kong, to avoid
the six-month quarantine that was then required of all dogs and cats
entering Britain. Patten cited their loyal service in an eventually
successful effort to get the law amended. Only then did they return
to the land of their birth.

Clack, the barred owl sent to local schools by the New
England Wildlife Center in Hingham, Massachusetts, since arriving
with an irreparably broken wing in 1986, died on November 5.
Unusually calm around children, and fond of their attention, Clack
was held and petted by an estimated 130,000 people during his 15-year
teaching career.

Maddy, 2, Rottweiler pet of Dwayne and Aundrea Towery, of
Webster County, Kentucky, was allegedly shot three times while
standing in his own yard on November 27 by county dog warden John
Nall, 27, who reportedly claimed he was responding to a complaint
about a Rottweiler chasing children. State police said they
apprehended Nall nearby, just after he dumped the remains in a
ditch. Nall faces six counts of first-degree wanton endangerment for
alleged reckless use of a firearm.

Malcolm, 16, pug mascot of the National Arts Club in New
York City after the July 1999 death of his person, actress Sylvia
Sydney, died on October 2. Malcolm was said to be especially fond
of club members Yoko Ono, former New York City mayor David Dinkins,
actress Patricia Neal, and sex therapist Ruth Westheimer.

Jambi, 13, a rare Sumatran tiger, and Mara, a lioness,
died in late October at the Wellington Zoo in New Zealand after
eating pet food donated by Dog’s Delight of Canterbury, which turned
out to be massively and inexplicably contaminated with the euthanasia
drug Pentabarbitone. The deaths caused the Ministry of Agriculture
and Forestry to bar product shipments from Dog’s Delight until
completion of an investigation.

Raju, 12, a male hippopotamus, died on November 26 at the
Patna Zoo, in Patna, India, from terminal constipation caused by
having swallowed a tennis ball.

Unbridled, 14, stallion winner of $4.5 million, with
victories in eight of his 24 career starts, including the 1990
Kentucky Derby and Breeder’s Cup Classic, was euthanized on October
16 at Claiborne Farm in Kentucky due to incurable colic.

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