From ANIMAL PEOPLE, July/August 2001:

“The income of HSUS is almost 1,000 times that of SHARK, which translates into over a million dollars a week,” SHARK founder Steve Hindi pointed out in the June 2001 SHARK newsletter editorial. “Is there anyone who believes that HSUS is 1,000 times more effective? Even more appalling, HSUS has actually inhibited SHARK’s efforts,” Hindi charged. For example, Hindi mentioned, “Those of you who saw the Hard Copy story on rodeos in 1997 may remember that HSUS claimed it was starting a nationwide anti-rodeo campaign. That claim was false,” since the campaign has not materialized, “and was apparently designed merely to funnel donations to HSUS for work actually done by SHARK,” whose undercover videography Hard Copy featured.

SHARK is now seeking funds to put more Tiger TV trucks like the one it now operates from Chicago in New York to fight the fur trade, in Europe to take on bullfighting, and in Korea, to rally opposition to dog-and-cat-eating.

“For more than six months,” Hindi wrote, “The Tiger has prowled the U.S., taking on animal abuse. Everyone who sees the Tiger realizes it is an incredible educational tool. The media loves it, and the opposition goes nuts every time it appears. The Tiger’s huge video screens and programmable signs are making the public understand animal issues as no protest ever could. The public gets the opportunity to look at the evidence and decise the issues for
themselves. They are siding with us! However, despite the success of the Tiger, there is little or no support from the animal protection movement to fund a fleet. This begs the question: does this movement really want to succeed?”

[Contact SHARK c/o P.O. Box 28, Geneva, IL 60134; 630-557-0176; <>; 630-557-0178.]
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