FoA goes on a tear against rivals

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, July/August 2001:

Friends of Animals in May sent a press release ripping the North Shore Animal League America on the eve of the Pet Adoptathon 2001, coordinated by North Shore, and then amplified the attack in the FoA magazine. FoA then hit In Defense of Animals and PETA via the Internet. FoA accused North Shore of profiting from pet overpopulation, accused IDA of allegedly appearing to condone lab use of nonhuman primates, and rapped PETA for halting protests against Burger King on June 28, after Burger King agreed to adopt a code of animal care ethics for suppliers.

FoA, founded in 1957 to promote low-cost neutering, spent $1.9 million on neutering in fiscal 2000–down 17% since 1995, and barely more than the $1.8 million that it spent on neutering in 1983. North Shore spent about $1.4 million on neutering in 2000, as well as sponsoring Spay/USA, Doing Things For Animals, and three anti-pet overpopulation conferences.
FoA has never been prominent on lab primate issues; IDA leads campaigns against the Coulston Foundation, the major supplier of chimpanizees to research, and the Oregon Regional Primate Research Center. IDA was also the chief sponsor of the 1999 Primate Freedom Tour.

PETA meanwhile runs the largest, most aggressive, and most talked about anti-meat campaign of any animal rights group, often advertising in campus newspapers. FoA has announced that it plans to start publishing anti-meat ads in college newspapers this fall.

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